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TD Organics is focused on and committed to providing a pathway to well-being that is accessible to many, rather than a select few. That’s why we devote our efforts and resources to providing premium CBD products at affordable prices.

Experience how our attention to detail provides you with the best CBD products.

TD’s innovative and thorough product development team ensures that every single ingredient used is meticulously sourced and lab tested. We develope every single product and insist on collaborating with the best of the best to ensure product formulations are the highest quality possible.

Every detail contributes to the final product.  

It’s no secret that if you want the best products, it’s essential that every component must be completed with great care and detail. So that’s why it matters to us that the Broad Spectrum Phytocannabinoid-Rich (PCR) industrial hemp grown for our extraction are naturally developed genetic strains grown right here in the United States. 

That’s why we make sure every detail is done right.

When it comes time to incorporate the THC-Free Broad Spectrum CBD oil into the products, whether for topical or oral uses, we make sure that it’s in a form that is most beneficial for you. For instance, merging the best forms of both nature and technology, our softgel capsules are created using a water soluble technology that employs a nano emulsion-based delivery system essentially increasing the bioavailability to maximize absorption and the benefits your experience. Just another part of the process that creates a high-quality product and a better value for you.

Using organic farming practices.  

Our unique extraction process is orchestrated to be solvent-free, where no external additives are used during the process. It’s critical that in order to provide a high-quality CBD oil in our products that the purification process removes all THC, so that we have a 0.0% level of being non-detectable, yet retains and preserves the qualities that create the premium CBD that you seek and rely on: terpenes, minor cannabinoids, and flavonoids. In fact, during the extraction process, closed and cold processes are used in order to preserve precious terpenes.

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